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About Us

The Center for Asset Development

The Center for Asset Development’s mission is to empower youth and adults to live authentic lives of character, service and leadership.

We are dedicated to the education and professional development of youth workers in best practices in youth work including:

Asset Building • Relationship Building • Service-learning • Character Development • Team Building • Leadership Development • Personal Development • Youth/Adult Partnership

Our team includes educators and youth workers from both inside and outside of schools who work with youth organizations, churches, schools and youth groups. Our experienced youth development professionals offer standard and customized training tracks and individual workshops, consulting services, and curriculum development as well as keynotes and speaking services.

Our professional development services include Title 1 approved workshops and workshops related to Nashville’s 5 principles or youth development, which are noted in the list of training services. Additional evidence-based approved resources that support best practices in asset building and service-learning can be found in the Books and Resources, including best seller, Great Group Games.

Center for Asset Development

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Ann Saylor - Author

Ann Saylor

Susan Ragsdale - Author

Susan Ragsdale

The Birth of a Vision & Mission

In 2002, co-founders of the Center for Asset Development, Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor, had an a’ha moment over coffee . . . okay, maybe it was multiple coffees: they discovered that they shared a common passion and vision for youth workers. They wanted to support and equip youth serving professionals ‘in the youth development field’ with the tools and practices that best help youth thrive. And, they wanted to equip youth serving professionals with the tools necessary to sustain themselves in this challenging and rewarding work by teaching them life balance techniques.

In supporting those in their passion to work with youth through education, tools and self-care, Susan and Ann believe they can help make the world a better place ultimately for youth, where youth are engaged, valued, seen as valuable contributors to the world today and experience environments that intentionally support experiential learning, self-discovery and personal healthy development.

From initial coffee conversations came the birth of a shared mission and a partnership forged to better serve the profession of youth work in Middle Tennessee and beyond.