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Training Services

The Center for Asset Development (CAD for short) offers training and consulting services for best practices in youth work as well as providing curriculum development. We believe in a playful, experiential approach to learning—and our training series, workshops, and curriculum consistently engage participants, both youth and old, in meaningful, fun and educational experiences.

CAD is a partner, not just a ‘canned’ training provider. We customize and tailor trainings to better help you meet your professional development needs. Our goal is to better equip you in your work with youth. We will work with you to shape the training experience to best equip your staffing team or youth group. CAD available trainings:

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Lead with Purpose

This Positive Youth Development series includes six sessions that explore the research on practices behind a strength-based approach to youth work and how to strategically emphasize them in your programming. Sessions highlight Search Institute’s 40 developmental assets and other research-based strategies for building young people’s strengths. You may select from the following topics.

Relationships – the Importance of the ‘R’ Factor – explores the importance of supportive, caring relationships and how to maximize the venue for impacting youth.

Empowerment: Engaging Youth with Meaning and Purpose – examines the various ways to engage youth voice and action in your program and highlights the importance of service-learning as well as how to use technology at its best.

The Power of Beliefs, Values and Choice – is chock full of tools you can use to help youth clarify values as well as build vital life skills.

The Way and How of Learning – looks at multiple intelligences, learning styles, assets and life skills needed for success.

Enhancing a Sense of Self – provides fun, interactive venues for youth to identify strengths, resources and goals for themselves that they can carry with them.

Sharpening Your Youth Program – inventories relationships, programmatic practices, agency environment and polices to connect the dots between the reality of what happens and what the goal is for impacting youth; participants leave with a take home plan for infusing assets.

A one-day training that is an overview of the research behind relationships, experiential reflection as well as hands-on activities that school personnel can use within the classroom to connect with their students beyond content.

Young people are looking for a way to express themselves and invest themselves in important issues. Is your organization equipped to listen to their voices and partner with them in meaningful ways? This workshop will examine various ways to engage youth as leaders throughout your program.

Lions and beavers and otters, oh my! Want to know how to get along well with your friends? Why you are at ease with some people and not with others? Join in on this fun session to learn more about personalities. This discovery will help you identify the animals you run around with and how to best work with them as a team!

Youth and adults side-by-side, working in partnership, teaching and learning from each other. We don’t see this often, do we? There are too many looming battles of language, hobby, dress, music and style. Learn how you can promote and build partnerships with adults and youth around you!

Vision and Project Planning. If your group wants to achieve great things, you must first take the time to make a good plan. In this workshop you will learn effective planning strategies, including tools to help you craft your project vision, capture the details of your project, create an action plan, keep your group accountable to action, and reflect upon the success of your plan. You will also have time to start planning a project that you would like to carry out in your own community. Come ready to dream, explore, and work together towards positive community change.

Serve with Purpose

  • Caring School Climate Retreat

    Caring School Climate Retreat is a 1-2 day retreat designed for diverse school leaders to come together in a setting focused on improving school climate. Respect, support, diversity and tolerance are just a few of climate indicators explored during this interactive retreat. As the group builds relationships, they will envision their school at its best and begin an action plan to address school concerns and issues.
  • Identifying Meaningful Projects

    Identifying Meaningful Projects – Before jumping into a service-learning project, you need to make sure that you have carefully identified community needs. This workshop will teach you multiple strategies that you can use to help youth explore their communities in order to identify strengths and weaknesses that will help them plan a service-learning project.
  • Creative Reflection

    Creative Reflection – Reflection can be so much more than journaling and discussions! Learn about easy ways you can reflect over your service projects through music, arts, drama, poetry, nature and group activities. Make it fun!
  • Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute

    Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute – The Center for Creative Leadership and the Points of Light Foundation’s highly interactive training teaches young people vital service-leadership skills through games, movie clips and group discussions. Through challenging team-building exercises, teens learn to identify community problems, set goals, plan projects, and solve complex problems. The curriculum culminates in a service project, created and implemented by the participants, and a final graduation ceremony.

Play with Purpose

  • Giving Youth the Edge They Need to Succeed

    Giving Youth the Edge They Need to Succeed introduces the 40 Developmental Assets, and helps educators and youth workers discover ways to intentionally build assets in their programs. Improved grades, appreciating diversity, delaying gratification and maintaining good health are just a few of the results of this holistic approach to education and youth development.
  • Celebrations

    Celebrations – If you wanna keep ‘em, you gotta celebrate their contributions! Youth need to know they are a vital part of your organization and they need to see how they are making a difference in the community. Come learn about creative, cheap and meaningful ways to celebrate with young people!

Staff Development

  • Stop the Chaos

    Stop the Chaos is an introductory workshop or retreat to focus on building one’s own assets and capacity to do youth work for the long haul. Participants learn their own personality stress types and the tools they need to deal with how they personally respond to stress. In additions, they examine their life landscapes and determine individual actions towards wholeness as well as write a personal mission statement.
  • Renewal of the Heart: Courage to Teach/Lead

    Renewal of the Heart: Courage to Teach/Lead is a series of retreats to help participants explore areas of wholeness in nutrition, nature, play, creativity, personal mission, exercise and more. The journey is linked to the various developmental assets that we need as adults and how we can live lives more fully from wholeness and congruency. “We teach/live who we are.”
  • Time Management

    Time Management – Come to this interactive workshop, where we will learn easy ways to identify community needs, and then streamline them into tangible volunteer project ideas for you and your peers.

Workshops that fit Title 1 Funding Criteria:

  • Giving Youth the Edge They Need to Succeed
  • Creativity, Literacy and Play
  • Building Blocks of Leadership
  • Stop the Chaos
  • Renewal of the Heart: Courage to Teach/Lead

Contact the Center for Asset Development for more information or to setup a workshop.

Be Engaged, Be Equipped and Inspired in Asset Development

The old model of leading workshops is to inform and leave it at that. We seek to actively engage participants, model best practices and provide participants with tools you can put to immediate use.

For more information on trainings, contact us at 615.262.9676.


I appreciate the kinetic and hands-on activities. Creative ideas. Very active! Fun! Fun! Fun! Energetic presentation! I loved interacting with other participants. Engaging. Very interactive, fun and dynamic.

Great resources. I can apply these tools in my program tomorrow! I knew a little about the principles, but now I see how all the concepts fit together I have an action plan to take home!

It was inspiring, thought-provoking and convicting. This was the best workshop of the whole conference! Very engaging and memorable. Healthy Communities – Healthy Youth Conference

 “Ann Saylor and Susan Ragsdale are two of the best presenters I have ever received training from.”  Joy Scalf, Carter Cares After School Program

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