Team & Leadership Training

If you would like to further explore the concepts in these books, we invite you to attend one of our corresponding workshops, which are outlined below. During the training sessions, you can expect to experience some of the activities we’ve included in the books firsthand and better understand how to effectively incorporate both the underlying principles and activities into your program or with your youth group.

In addition to these opportunities, see more training options that we offer through our work at the YMCA Center for Asset Development. Whatever training you choose, we promise to make it fun, practical and interactive!

Call 615-262-9676 to talk to us about pricing options. We work with multiple scenarios to meet the training needs of your team and your budget.

Service-learning 101 is a fun one-day experiential training that equips youth and/or adults with the tools and knowledge necessary to carry out service-learning within their organizations and more actively involve youth as actors in creating community change. We can also coordinate a service-learning experience to compliment this workshop.

Change Your World - Service-learning is a great way for youth to discover their skills and passions, and become empowered agents for community change. Come experience time-tested, hands-on activities from our new Change Your World retreat.

This session will also highlight interactive tools for assessing community needs, planning projects and discovering group strengths from our best-seller Great Group Games and Ready to Go Service Projects. You can put your new knowledge to immediate use in a retreat, a class or an after-school program.

Faith In Action – Youth groups are increasingly active in volunteerism, but is your group reaping the full benefit of the work? Service-learning takes volunteerism to the next level, by using preparation, reflection, celebration and demonstration to challenge stereotypes, initiate learning opportunities, and create lasting heart change. This workshop walks you through interactive lesson plans and strategies from our book, Ready to Go Service Projects: 150 Ways for Youth Groups to Lend a Hand.

Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute – The Center for Creative Leadership and the Points of Light Foundation’s highly interactive training teaches young people vital service-leadership skills through games, movie clips and group discussions. Through challenging team-building exercises, teens learn to identify community problems, set goals, plan projects, and solve complex problems. The curriculum culminates in a service project, created and implemented by the participants, and a final graduation ceremony.

Growing Kids through Literacy, Creativity and Play helps educators and caregivers explore creative and playful methods for teaching character and literacy from the new book, “Building Character from the Start: 201 Activities to Foster Creativity, Literacy, and Play in K-3“.

*Great Group Games: Building Relationships is a 1 ½ hour workshop based on the book that leads participant through the first three stages of developing a group. It focuses on building solid relationships, creating a safe space and a fun environment that will bring youth back! Experiential, of course, participants will play games from each of the stages and receive tips on facilitating them with their group. From our best-seller Great Group Games.

*Great Group Games: Building Teams is a 1 ½ hour workshop based on the book that leads participant through the last three stages of developing a group, moving youth from individuals to a functioning team. Participants will play games and face challenges from each of the stages and receive tips on facilitating them with their group. From our best-seller Great Group Games.

*note: these two workshops can be combined into a 1 ½ hour

Team building Retreats – a one-day retreat, this retreat is exactly what it says: a day to build team within any youth group that needs time and space to feel safe with each other, get to know each other better and accomplish baby steps of success to help them move along in their growth as a team that works well together and accomplish greater things.

The Art of Facilitating Games is a one-day workshop that goes behind the scenes and teaches participants all the ins and outs of leading dynamic team building experiences and how to handle tricky and common situations (it rains, there are difficult personalities, for people showed up than you thought or not enough showed up as planned, etc.).

Participants will learn how to plan agendas starting with the end in mind, how to adapt their plans to unexpected interruptions, how to tap into their own creativity, how to process games to maximize learning AND how to be quick on their feet.