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With every book we write, our hope is to integrate active playfulness with healthy youth development practices. Each book was designed to help youth serving professionals engage youth in hands-on activities that are fun and purposeful at the same time. Whether integrating assets or service-learning, exploring values and talking about life moments or encouraging creativity and self-expression, these books help develop young people’s skills, interests and sense of self.

Our Newest Books – Lead with Purpose

 tons of strategies and activities for youth workers and teachers

packed with strategies for positive youth development

 activities to facilitate meetings for schools and community organizations

helping leaders spark organizational change

Play With Purpose

Games for Group Development

175 Games to Energize and Motivate Your Group!

Great Group Games for Kids

150 Meaningful Activities for Any Setting

 50 games for the bus, playground or on the go

game cards for your back pocket

Creativity & Self-Expression

K-3 Character building activities

Effective Character Building Activities for K to 3rd Graders

Serve with Purpose

Ready to Go Service Projects for Youths

140 Ways for Youth Groups to Serve their Communities

Games for Group Development

Great Group Games: 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages

Perfect for classrooms, retreats, advisory groups and teams, these games help people feel welcome, gently disband group-busting cliques, and turn participants into friends who can count on each other. Each game includes details on timing, supplies, set up, suggested group size, game tips, and reflection questions.

The games are far from mindless. Games like “Tiny Teach,” “Common Ground,” and “The Winding Road” challenge participants to think. Best of all, the activities require zero to very little preparation. They work for small or large groups, adults or teens and can be done anywhere. You’ll make every moment meaningful and every game great! Search Institute Press, 2007.

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Great Group Games for Kids

Great Group Games for Kids – 150 Meaningful Activities for Any Setting

Building on the popularity of the best-selling Great Group Games, this new collection for the younger set shows teachers and group leaders how to make even the silliest activity meaningful.

Complete with details on timing, supplies, set up, and suggested group size, this is the perfect grab-and-go resource for anyone working with elementary school age children. Far from frivolous, each ‘play with purpose’ game concludes with discussion questions to build positive identity, friendship skills, and a host of other character traits kids need to succeed.

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K-3 Character building activities

Building Character From the Start: 201 Activities to Foster Creativity, Literacy and Play in K-3

Every page of this K–3 activity book is full of energy and inspiration. Kids and teachers alike will have fun while building new skills and assets. It is divided into three easy-to-use sections:

• Creativity – Kids are prompted to finish coloring pages with their own ideas and dreams.

• Literacy – Synopses of nearly 100 books include follow-up questions and ideas for taking the book’s lessons even further.

• Play – word games, community-building games, team-building games, and more! Ideal for teachers, day-care providers, and after-school program providers. Search Institute Press, 2009.

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