Great Group Games on the Go

Games for Group Development

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Great Group Games on the Go: 50 Favorite Team Builders

Brilliantly packaged as a carry-anywhere card deck, Great Group Games on the Go is a must-have for every youth worker, camp counselor, teacher, or trainer. And with game names like “Zoom,” “Two Truths and a Lie,” and “Blog Tag,” who could resist? Cooperative by design, the games help players develop confidence, skills, and supportive relationships. Each game ties in to Search Institute’s research-based Developmental Assets framework, with specific asset categories noted for each game. You’ll find everything you need—the whole kit-and-kaboodle—spelled out for each game: time, supplies, set up, directions, and post-game questions for taking things things a little deeper. An added bonus: All games can be played by youth and adults together, emphasizing the importance of intergenerational partnerships. Search Institute Press, 2007.

I love the cards because I don’t have to make copies of the games I want to use for workshops or classes. I just pull the cards that I want to use that day and bring them with me!,” Meredith Middlebrooks, educator and counselor

These are great – when I can I take a card to lead a game in my class?” Brendan, age 7

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