Get Things Going

Games for Group Development

Get Things Going: 85 Asset-building Activities for Workshops, Presentations, and Meetings

Get Things Going! is a resource featuring 85 fun-filled activities to transform meetings, workshops, trainings, and group culture. This thoroughly revised new edition features a refreshing collection of icebreakers and mixers that help groups get acquainted, a variety of team-building activities that focus specifically on increasing participants’ knowledge and understanding of the 40 Developmental Assets®, and interactive games for intergenerational audiences. For meeting closers, the book also includes activities that help participants reflect on the information they’ve learned and spark enthusiasm for continued focus on positive youth development. Get Things Going! is perfect for team leaders, staff, coalition members, or those who want to lead activities that engage others, build trust, zone in on respect and understanding, emphasize vision, and incorporate the Developmental Assets in creative and meaningful ways.

“If you work with youth on any platform, you need this book to strengthen your team and explode the boundaries that have kept us from working together to touch the nation’s most priceless asset; our youth!” Scott Chevalier, Powerhouse Youth Project

“This book is mandatory reading for anyone who has ever organized a meeting or training event. Ann and Susan offer a multitude of activities for groups to get to know each other better, promote teamwork, build unity, spark creativity, and celebrate accomplishments.” Jon Terry, Capitol Youth Strategies

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