Building Character From the Start

K-3 Character building activities

Building Character From the Start:  201 Activities to Foster Creativity, Literacy and Play in K-3

Every page of this K–3 activity book is full of energy and inspiration. Kids and teachers alike will have fun while building new skills and assets. It is divided into three easy-to-use sections: 
• Creativity – Kids are prompted to finish coloring pages with their own ideas and dreams. 
• Literacy – Synopses of nearly 100 books include follow-up questions and ideas for taking the book’s lessons even further.
• Play – word games, community-building games, team-building games, and more! Ideal for teachers, day-care providers, and after-school program providers. Search Institute Press, 2009.

Bravo! This book is a gift for the creative educator. Packed with powerful explorations to spark meaningful conversation in the classroom, this must-have tool will inspire children and adults alike.” Peter H. Reynolds, Author, Founder of FableVision

An inspirational resource tool that’s a MUST for your shelf! Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor will help you tap in to and foster your students’ creativity, literacy, and play. With 201 suggestions for ways to use art, books, and interactive games to infuse character into the curriculum, this treasure provides opportunities for exploration that will assist students as they learn to make healthy choices. Many of its engaging and authentic activities are open-ended, whereby allowing for imagination, originality, and style. As a bonus, the book synopses and complementary enrichment suggestions are all tied to one or more the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets. Want to add some fun and flair to your character building? Then check out this book! ” Barbara Gruener, Counselor and Speaker

This book has so many games and lessons that I can use with any of the kiddos. What an asset for home daycare providers as well as home-school moms! There are many tools to help foster creativity, literacy and play. We played Animal Charades and did Workout Rolls. It was fun to hear the answers that popped out of the kiddos mouths when they were guessing what animals we pretended to be. I would never have thought aardvark. Oh, I could not do many of the workout rolls with my bum knee. But the kiddos showed me how well they could bend, twist, roll and shout too! There is also a CD-rom that is both Windows and Apple capable.” Lynette, Mother and Grandmother

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Enjoy an interactive sample from the book below. Check back frequently as we update and add new sample pages! Activities and writing prompts copied with permission from Building Character From the Start: 201 Activities to Foster Creativity, Literacy and Play in K-3, written by Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor, published by Search Institute.