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Seasons of Service (SOS) curriculum: Engaging Youth in Service-Learning throughout the Year

This is a new experiential asset-based service-learning curriculum, which is divided into five core sections:

1. Change Your World: This 12-session curriculum engages youth in service-learning and intentionally builds their leadership skills so they can solve social problems. It’s an experiential look at discovering individual strengths, exploring community needs, and planning community projects to help youth change their world.
2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: A Day On, Not A Day Off: Outlines for three half-day experiences for running an MLK Day event help youth engage in activism in one of three levels as they explore service, equity, leadership, and justice through advocacy.
3. Service Sampler: Finding Your Place to Serve: Agendas for eleven 3-4 hour service-learning experiences offer a broad exploration of community issues (ranging from animal care to promoting peace) and prompt youth to find an issue they are passionate about.
4. About Service-Learning and Assets covers all the basics on service-learning and the developmental assets with tools and ideas for reflection, celebration and demonstration as well as why these best practices are such a key part of developing youth leaders.
5. Looking Deeper: My Service Journey: This reflection journal becomes the participants’ personal record of their journey, deepening their learning and helping them see how they are indeed making the world around them a better place.

Email to get your FREE copy of the curriculum, or to talk about bringing an SOS training to your school or agency.

Tales Told Twice: Exploring Life Lessons in Literature

The YMCA Center for Asset Development introduces a new resource for elementary educators. Tales Told Twice: Exploring Life Lessons in Literature is a FREE download full of activities and writing prompts for 4th–5th graders. This book connects literature with Developmental Assets by using experiential activities that help students more fully ‘experience’ the books and their wisdom. Educators and students like these educational activities because they help learning come alive for students, they promote healthy relationships in the classroom, they foster a caring school climate, and they build strong character in students. These activities have all been tested, energized and sustained within multiple classroom and youth program settings. Email to get your free copy of the curriculum!

Discover the Superhero in You

The YMCA Center for Asset Development developed Discover the Superhero in You, a service-learning activity book for the Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service. They asked us to design the activity books to help elementary age children think about ways that they can serve in their schools and communities. So the book uses mazes, codes, word searches and coloring pages to explore service opportunities for children. Mississippi’s youth volunteer leaders use them in service-learning workshops that they lead for children. We’d love for you to use it with children in your school, organization or home. Or you can contract with us to develop materials especially tailored for your youth and your agency!

Email to get your free copy of the activity book or to talk about developing a curriculum for you!

These are a few of our favorite resources that compliment our work:

SparkFinder @15

SparkFinder @15

An energetic and engaging online tool to help youth find the talents and passions that fuel their energy, motivation, focus and joy.

Free Rice

For each answer you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice! Online quizzes that feed minds through education AND donate rice to help fight world hunger.