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Rules of Kindness with generationOn

October 21st, 2016
Here is a set of kindness rules that some Pleasant View Elementary School 4th graders created with their counselor Ms. Megan.  It’s part of a national movement with generationOn to get students to write rules of kindness for the their interactions with others.  I love the idea of letting students collaborate to write their own rules of kindness.  When they create and own the rules, they are much more likely to follow them!

Kindness Rules

written by 4th graders at Pleasant View Elementary School

1.     Look for others who need someone to play with.

2.     Say something kind to someone every day.

3.     Help people when they are feeling down or hurt.

4.     Be kind to one another.

5.     Encourage others.

6.     Be respectful to teachers and staff.

7.     Pay attention.

8.     When others are talking, be quiet and listen.

9.     Be nice to others – treat people the way you want to be treated.

10.  Make people feel welcome.

11.  Everywhere you go offer a smile.

12.  Be respectful.

13.  Do your best.

14.  Be caring to yourself and others.

15.  Be responsible.

16.  Take turns – let others play on the playground.

17.  Be on time.

18.  Show empathy for others.

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