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Focus on 5

August 2nd, 2015

Gratitude is an active practice that can change your focus everso much to what’s right and good with life instead of what’s wrong. Being grateful can change an entire situation because you’ve changed the most important thing in a bad situation: you! Your attitude, your perspective, your choice on how you will respond.


Focus today on 5 things you often take for granted but for which you are really and truly grateful. Perhaps it’s that cup of coffee that brewed automatically while you were still trying to wake up. Or maybe it’s the hot shower that brings life. Or you got your favorite parking spot in the garage (the one you grumble about if you DON’T get it). Note the small things that make your life richer and that when absent, you are extremely aware. And give thanks with a smile. Life IS good.


Want to learn more about how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis and how that helps you in your work with young people? Check out our book Groups, Troops, Clubs & Classrooms, The Essential Handbook for Working with Youth.

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