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Teen Heroes in Environmental Service -Teens for Planet Earth

April 14th, 2011

I loved reading about the Teens For Planet Earth 2010 Service Award winners from around the world!  Check out the work they are doing in their communities:

Environmental Discovery Project (Ohio)has held events to educate their community about the importance of habitat conservation, sustainable practices, and energy efficiency.

Green Club and Young Earth (India) has been using conservation efforts to bridge language barriers within the community. By forming Green Clubs, they have involved previously uninterested parties in their efforts.

Kubiti Teak Plantation Group (Ghana) has planted 32,000 trees so far, restoring the forest to provide habitats and opportunities for local commerce. They will use their winnings to continue to their work, projecting 65,000 trees planted by 2015.

Plant Patrol (Utah) has removed invasive plants from a local park, benefitting endemic wildlife as well as reducing the risk of forest fires.

Teens turning Green (California) have been working to inform teens across the country of the health implications of using toxic products, influencing legislation and partnering with businesses to further their mission.

Tetra Paks Recycling Team(China) have educated their fellow students about waste management and the importance of recycling through workshops, competitions, and projects reusing Tetra Packs.

Wanna nominate your program for a service award?

Wanna learn more about ways you can serve?

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